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Laser gas detection is now cheap, fast and reliable

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Laser based gas detectors are now being used in a wide variety of applications for process and quality monitoring, and safety and environmental compliance. The reasons are that laser detectors are more reliable and less expensive than alternative solutions. Laser detectors combine semiconductor tunable diode lasers (TDL) and optical fibres developed by the telecommunications industry with detection techniques based on frequency or wavelength modulation (similar to radio). Laser detectors measure gas concentrations by shining a laser beam through a sample of gas and measuring the amount of laser light absorbed. Lasers emit light at a single wavelength. In TDLs the wavelength can be tuned by adjusting temperature and bias current. These properties give laser detectors an unmatched combination of selectivity, sensitivity, dynamic range and rapid response time. Boreal Laser uses some additional, unique features to make its GasFinder laser detectors less expensive, easier to use and maintenance free. As a result, GasFinder is replacing existing gas detectors and analyzers in an increasing number of applications.

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