Legends Explains Environmental Consultants’ Insurance Needs


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Environmental consultants protect people and the environment from possible harm due to a variety of situations and contaminants.  The nature of their work makes it essential that they are protected by an insurance policy that covers their needs.  These needs can be diverse, depending upon their services and clientele, so it’s important that they understand the various types of insurance programs that are available.


Environmental insurance usually addresses the three major types of liability that people in the environmental consulting business may be exposed to, but for all practical purposes these exposures have become 'exclusions' in standard insurance policies.  Three types of liability coverage available include:


• General Liability - This protects against claims for bodily injury or property damages that result from a pollution occurrence on the insured's property, or from operations that takes place away from the premises, or perhaps from the insured's product.


• Professional Liability - When one makes a legal contractual commitment to provide professional services they become liable, not only to provide the service, but for any damages that might be experienced by a third party as a result of their action, advice, or failure to provide the service.


• Pollution Liability - For individuals and organization that face the possibility of releasing a pollutant as a function of their work operations, be it from accident, equipment failure, negligence, or for whatever reason, they require pollution liability insurance.


There are two basic types of insurance programs designed specifically for environmental consultants.  Legends Environmental Insurance Services offers these programs known as Environmental Professional Special Liability (EPL), and Consultant Professional and Pollution Liability (CPPL).


“Environmental consultants typically select one of these based on gross revenue, scope of operations, and pre-existing coverage,” reported Brian Mcfarland, Vice President of Legends.  “The EPL program is a total exposure type policy that includes General and Professional Liability and can be endorsed to provide Contractors Pollution Liability. The CPPL program provides Professional and Pollution Liability coverage and would be chosen by environmental consultants who already have their General Liability covered.”


To learn more about environmental consultant’s insurance or Legends Environmental Insurance Services, please visit: http://www.Legends-enviro.com, call (800) 992-6999 ext 164 or email BrianM@Legends-enviro.com or Bill@Legends-enviro.com.


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