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Maple Lodge Water Treatment Site Flood Protection - Case Study


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Flood Control International(FCI) is a Framework Partner with Thames Water for the design, supply and installation of flood protection solutions to a range of water treatment assets over a number of their at-risk treatment works.

Surveyors from FCI have surveyed over 30 sites with Thames Water to determine the most appropriate solutions and then provide budgets for these options.

Once reviewed by the client’s engineering teams for performance, as well as operational teams for usability on these live working sites, a contract is awarded for the detailed design, supply and installation.

One project within this framework is Maple Lodge. Detailed topographical surveys, as well as soil investigation and utility surveys, were undertaken. Old record drawings of existing assets were studied so that the most effective solution was identified.

Solutions range from concrete walls utilising pre-cast permanent formwork to pivot flood gates that allow level surface access for wheeled vehicles as well as pedestrians.

All site works and site management were provided by FCI from excavation to installation of the automatic puddle pumps for areas where impounded rainwater could cause flooding if this coincided with a flood event.

A list of the solutions can be found here:

  • Demountable Flood Barriers – where only very infrequent access is required for maintenance.
  • Pivot Flood Gates – where level access is required and frequent access for flood heights up to 600mm.
  • Swing Hinged Flood Gates – for personnel access through floodwalls or for bunded areas outside fire escapes.
  • Lift-Hinged Flood Gates - for level access for openings up to 4.5 metres wide and flood heights up to 1.5 metres.
  • Permanent steel panels and concrete walls – to surround at risk assets for permanent protection.
  • Coating of masonry walls – for existing assets where ‘porous’ brickwork would otherwise allow floodwater in.
  • NonReturn Valves – for existing drains or new flap valves to allow rainwater out of impounded areas.
  • SR4 Security Rated Flood Doors – for permanent protection to secure assets.

The range of FCI’s solutions was a benefit to Thames Water as each opening has its own purpose, usage frequency and flood depth and so the range is required to suit every opening.

Many of the flood barriers were specially designed, with FCI’s 3-D CAD teams able to produce bespoke flood barriers to suit the many different assets encountered.

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