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Market Is Calling for the Scrap Metal Crusher Machine


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In the twenty first century, the steel industry of China steps into its rapid developing stage. Scrap metal crusher machine is developing with the quick demands of the market. It is a way to reuse and recycle the scraps of the steel by crushing and classifying different quality steel. There is a large demand for the scrap metal crusher from the market.

Steel crushed after crushing equipment has the following characteristics:

Neat and even uniform material shape;

High bulk density and less attachments;

High purity and long durability;

High production capacity with low sulfur and phosphorus content;

Stable molten steel chemical and low energy consumption;

Short smelting time;

Environmental friendly and scrap reduction

Scrap crusher process materials by using methods of separating. The crusher breaks scrap steel, scrap of broken after sorting and combining separation system, which helps it get pure quality scrap processing product. Its working principle is the continuous driving at high speed, high torque motor and the rotor on the hammer that strike each other in turn into the cavity scrap steel. Under the strong impact, scrap steel can be torn and squeezed into a certain specification of broken steel. And then through sorting equipment processing, we can get high purity of high quality steel.

Our company can provide clients with the non-ferrous metal separator or additional motor if you have specific requirements. Therefore, it is a wise choice to choose our scrap metal crusher equipment. We do believe that meeting the demands of market is our right choice!

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