Mather AFB demonstration of hydrasleeve no-purge samplers


Courtesy of EON Products Inc.

MWHS Americas, Inc. (MWH) was contracted by Dolver Company, Inc. to perform a Point Source Bailer Demonstration at Mather Air Force Base (Mather). This demonstration was initiated to evaluate no-purge technology and indicate the feasibility of using the HydraSleeve no-purge samplers as an alternative groundwater sampling method. On June 18, 2002, eight HydraSleeve point source bailers were deployed in eight groundwater monitoring wells at the former Mather by MWH personnel. On June 19, 2002, the HydraSleeve samplers were retrieved from the groundwater monitoring wells. Eight non-filtered samples and one filtered sample were collected and submitted to Sequoia Analytical of Sacramento, California for Analysis. This report provides the details of the demonstration and the analytical results.

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