Maximize Floor Space and Productivity with Downdraft Benches


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All types of manufacturing environments require improved air quality. The advantage improved air quality has, not only maintains your workers’ health and safety, but also conforms to the federal and state commands that demand it. The majority of clean air products require a lot of space, as well as extensive work in order to be installed. Downdraft benches are the best choice for supreme air quality, as they not only help maximize floor space, but also increase the productivity of workers at the same time.

Save Space with a Downdraft Bench
If you choose to have downdraft benches in your workplace, you will not have to go through any ductwork. Therefore, where you will be placing the downdraft bench isn’t a consideration, as you do not have to install anything. The majority of models can be fitted flush with the wall, whereas others have a plug-and-go system, for maximum portability.

Flexibility of a Downdraft Bench
Downdraft benches are able to handle almost any type of contaminant, which needs to be removed from the air in your work environment. Pollutants like dust, fumes and grinding can all be removed by the units. You may want to connect one near a casting machine, so that you can both chip and grind on the casting deck. Alternatively, you can use one in your repairing booth in order to collect the fumes that are released throughout the process. The unit is portable, which means you can easily move the downdraft bench to any area.

Portability and Versatility
Portability and versatility are the two things a downdraft bench offers you. The two combined deliver improved air quality and a raise in workers’ productivity. These two things are linked and one certainly improves the other, which you will notice days after the unit have entered your workplace. Better air quality means workers are breathing in cleaner air, which results in healthier workers, therefore better performance. Placing the unit near your equipment means you can easily complete your work and the second step will always be right next to you. This means you can finish up and get rid of any contaminants even before they reach others.

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