Mining clarifier overflow


Courtesy of Filtra Systems

Project Profile: Clarifier Overflow Water Polishing: PFD 

End User: US Energy
Location: Crested  Butte, CO
Commissioned: Spring, 2010
Units: (1) model STiR-50V (50 ft2/filter)
Flow Rate: 300 gpm (0.5 Million gallons of water per day)
Process: Clarifier Overflow Polishing

Process Description

The US Energy Water Plant is an inactive mine site, that processes water from a molybdenum deposit.  The various minerals that are dissolved in the water are first precipitated via Engineered PH change, solids are skimmed, and the water is then filtered and then discharged to the river.

Prior to installing the STiR Filtration Unit the plant operated with a 42% recycle rate, due to the frequent, and lengthy sand filter cleaning cycle, by each of the (4) 12’ Diameter sand filters.  By utilizing a single STiR filtration unit, the recycle rate was reduced to a maximum of 3% (over 10X reduction), while also achieving cleaner effluent water.

The Filtra Systems STiR filter was selected for evaluation due to its history of not only providing extremely clean water, but also the dynamic backwashing method (self cleaning, minimized waste volume), which is achieved with the proprietary media regeneration assembly.

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