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MistEliminator removes oil mist effectively

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Courtesy of Plymovent Group BV

The challenge

Bulten, situated in Sweden is a manufacturing facility. They use
cold forming machines to manufacture fasteners, like screws,
bolts, valves, etc. Bulten uses metalworking fluids to cool down
the products themselves, and to ensure that the machinery and
tools do not get rusty. During this metalworking process oil
mist arises. These cold forming processes take place in closed
and half open dedicated machine centres. Effective capturing,
filtration and removal of oil mist is a must to protect the staff’s
health, create a safe work environment and extend the lifespan
of Bulten’s machinery and tools.

Bulten was already using filtration units. Each machine centre
used to have its own filtration unit. However, those needed to
be replaced by a new system solution to support five cold
forming machines altogether.

The solution

One of the main challenges was to get all capturing, filtration
and removal of oil mist centralised. Thanks to the ‘single and
dual base filter bank’ possibility this was a done deal for
Plymovent. The ME-42/2 single base filter banks are installed in
two rows.

The PLC unit makes it possible to have all filtration units
automatically controlled. This makes the MistEliminator very
user-friendly. The filter cassettes of each filtration unit are being
drained on a daily basis, according to Bulten’s needs.

The ME-42 is fitted with an additional HEPA filter. The HEPA
filter ensure recirculation. Recirculation ensures that expensively
heated air stays within the workplace. Not only does this save
energy, it also reduces Bulten’s heating and ventilation costs.

The automatic pump, OilPump (this is an option), moves the
re-claimed oil from the container beneath the filter banks to a
tank without operator intervention.