Montemorelos wastewater plant case study


Courtesy of In-Pipe Technology Company, Inc.

Performance History and Discussion
In-Pipe Technology Company, Inc. was selected with goals to improve the biological treatment capacity at the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) without capital expansion of the current facility. Due to the inability to make a capital investment to expand unit operations and processes, a municipal treatment plant in Montemorelos can not meet the needs of a growing community resulting in a heavily overloaded plant. The plant is operated by Services of Water and Drainage of Monterrey (SADM).

The Montemorelos WWTP receives an annual average flow of 1.15 MGD (4390 m3/day). The WWTP operating data indicates the plant experienced trouble processing the current high loading and meeting the discharge limits. With BOD and TSS limits of 30 mg/l, the plant discharged water 4x BOD and 2x TSS limits to the receiving stream.

Present Conditions
After 4 weeks of the technology in place, sludge judge on the clarifier determined increased settling and reduced solids accumulation. The sludge blanket decreased 70%, lift to 3ft with a tank depth of 14ft. After 8 weeks, the Montemorelos WWTP influent BOD decreased 53% from 318mg/l to 151mg/l and influent TSS decreased 21% from 228mg/l to 181mg/l. Effluent BOD decreased 92% from 117mg/ I to 9mg/l and effluent TSS decreased 70% from 59mg/l to 17mg/l. In-Pipe reduced accumulation of old FOG deposits at historical trouble spots to improve conditions in the collection system. This combined with improved biological capacity decreased aeration energy consumption by 20% since In-Pipe was installed.

Project Installed: March 2010
Plant Size: 1.5 MGD
Service Objectives:

  • Improve Effluent Quality
  • Reduce Influent Organic Load
  • Reduce Energy for Wastewater Aeration

Performance Summary:

  • Influent BOD Decreased 53%
  • Effluent BOD Decreased 91%
  • Effluent COD Decreased 87%
  • Effluent TSS Decreased 70%

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