Multiple arms improve work environment

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Courtesy of Plymovent Group BV

The challenge

As a result of the annual review of G.C. Entreprise, Køge ApS' work
environment, it was decided to obtain a new extraction system.
The service workshop needed a high-quality extraction system
to remove welding fumes, grinding dust and oil mist, preventing
accumulation in the workshop.

The service workshop handles many different activities using an
equally wide variety of machinery and tools. A flexible
extraction solution was therefore a ‘must’.

The main requirement was that the new extraction and filtration
system should be able to handle: welding fumes, cutting fumes,
grinding dust and oil mist.

The solution

Our distributor Dansk Procesventilation ApS offered the following solution:

  • Extraction from belt grinders with 2 x Ø 80 mm connections, directed to a cyclone via flexible hoses;
  • Extraction for a pillar drilling machine via a MiniMan Ø 100 mm extraction arm;
  • Extraction from a worktable via a KUA Ø 160 mm extraction arm.

To accomplish extraction from the worktable in the middle of
the workshop plus various floor activities a FlexMax Ø 160 mm
extraction arm was mounted with a reach of 5.5 m.

All extraction airflows are directed - via a centralised duct
system - to the central filter MF-31 and FUA-4700 fan.

To switch the extraction system on or off the start/stop function
is carried out with an on/off switch on all extraction arms, while
for belt grinders the extraction starts automatically together
with the belt grinder. The system is equipped with a mandatory
control device.

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