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Naz Textile AS - Case Study


Project Name
Naz Orme Tekstil A.§. Wastewater Treatment Plant

Naz Orme Kumas ve Tekstil San. A.§.

Enta Muhendislik Antma Taah. San. Ve Tic. Ltd. §ti.

Location of the plant
Corlu Tekirdag/ TURKEY

Scope of work
Industrial and Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plant

Contract Date

Completion Date

Flowrate of the plant: 2.500 m3/day

Inlet Pollution Parameters:

  • COD: 1220 mg/ L
  • BOD: 624 mg/ L
  • SS: 234 mg/ L
  • Oil & Grease: 55 mg/L
  • PH: 10,5
  • Temperature: 20 'C

Outlet Discharge Values:

  • COD: 200 mg/ L
  • SS: 120 mg/L
  • Oil & Grease: 10 mg/ L
  • PH: 6-9

Units of the Plant:

Physical Treatment

  • Static Screen

Pre Treatment

  • Equalization Basin
  • Neutralization Basin

Biological Treatment

  • Aeration Basin with Blower and Diffuser
  • Sedimentation Basin

Sludge Dewatering

  • Sludge Thickening Tank
  • Filter Press

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