Oil Mist Collectors: Installation Costs


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An oil mist collector not only protects the health of employees, but also makes an addition to your machining equipment. These are inexpensive pieces of equipment and installing the system doesn’t require any high costs. However, there are a few costs that arise after installation, which all companies with this system will face.

Equipment Downtime

Depending on how the oil mist collector is installed affects the amount of downtime you will face. The units available on the market can be plugged into a separate outlet, or wired directly to the equipment they support. Oil mist collector units that are hard wired will require the machinery to be down for maintenance when changing or cleaning filters. However, if the equipment is still on and running, then the units need to be plugged into an external passage.

Man Hours

Taking time out every month and dedicating it to the oil mist collector is a must and cannot be missed. A dry collection unit involves replacing the filter regularly, whereas a wet-type unit requires cleaning the filter medium. It is important you regularly maintain the system and the process is not so costly. However, no maintenance can result in more expenses as it can affect the overall ability of the system to perform, which is why regular maintenance is a must.

Lost Coolant

This is not the case with a new oil mist system, as you can buy a new wet-type unit that separates collected oil to be reused or recycled. However, if you select a dry-type unit, then you will lose coolant in the wet filters.

Sound Dampening

The majority of units are created with a goal of 8odba five feet from the unit. The main thing here is the flow that is needed. If you require pressure of 7500 cfm at 12”, then the unit will create a 95 dba at five feet; therefore will require a sound attenuator at the opening side of the oil mist system. If needs be, this alteration needs to be made by you, after-purchase.

The costs are low and manageable, and all equipment installed has an after-market cost associated with it.

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