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OVA5000 used to gather river quality data in Greece


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Cogent Environmental, in collaboration with its Greek partner, has recently completed a successful installation of one of its online heavy metal analysers, the OVA5000, in a remote location in the Amvrakikos Kolpos region of Greece.

Cogent Environmental’s capabilities

Cogent Environmental Ltd specialises in the development of online systems for monitoring heavy meals, microbial contamination in water and atmospheric pollutants. These technologies furnish Goventment Agencies and commercial organisations with realtime data on key parameters of environmental pollution.

Cogent’s OVA range of online heavy metal monitors are capable of simultaneously determining a number of metals down to parts per billion concentrations for process control in effluent treatment, monitoring of discharges, potable and river water quality monitoring.

Laboratory analysis of spot samples or composite samples can only at best provide a snapshot or average value for the required parameter, the advantage of online analysis being that realtime data shows how the metal concentrations in the system, in this case the river Arachthos, respond to seasonal changes and localised weather events. Providing a baseline on which to base decisions on how best to improve and protect this delicate environment.

OVA5000 used to gather river quality data in Greece

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