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Popular analysers are portable and rentable


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The MCERTS approved HORIBA PG-250 has been one of the most popular  instruments in Ashtead Technology’s fleet of rental equipment for a number of  years. Jay Neermul, the company’s Environmental Product Manager says “This  is because it is able to analyse CO, NO/NOx, SO2 and CO2 using standard  reference methods in a portable instrument that can be easily and safely  transported from site to site.”

The PG-250 uses NDIR measurement technology for CO, SO2, and CO2,  and chemiluminescence for NOx, so it is directly comparable to larger rack-  mounted CEMS in terms of methodology and accuracy. However, Jay believes  that portability has been key to the instrument’s success. “Weighing just 17Kg,  the PG-250 is ideal for test houses and for operators with multiple stacks that  only require occasional testing,” he says. “It is also often employed to check  fixed monitoring equipment or as emergency cover when online systems are not  working.”

For flue gas monitoring applications the Testo 350 XL portable analyser is also  MCERTS approved and is used for cost-effective monitoring of O2, CO, NO, NO2  and SO2. The Testo 350 XL is portable and well suited to rental applications;  it operates on mains power but will also operate on internal rechargeable  batteries for up to 3 hours, so it provides a high level of flexibility when accessing  emissions from combustion processes.

Whilst Jay believes that the portability and flexibility of these instruments have  been important factors in their popularity, he adds: “There are two other important  reasons for the high demand that these instruments enjoy: firstly, we test and  calibrate them prior to dispatch so that they are delivered ready to go. Secondly,  our engineers are factory trained to ensure that they provide the best possible  help and advice both when customers are choosing equipment and when they  are using it.”

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