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Quality Leader in Thermal Analysis depends on Axetris Mass Flow Solutions - Case study


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Pushing the limits of Thermal Analysis using Axetris MFCs

An international quality leader for Thermal Analysis solutions relies on Axetris mass flow controllers (MFCs) and has done so for many years. Axetris mass flow solutions help maximize performance while using analysis techniques such as Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC).

Accurate and ultrafast gas flow control in thermal analysis instruments helps achieve differential mass resolution of a few nanograms

The challenging world of thermal analysis
Various thermal analysis (TA) techniques are used in a number of challenging material characterization applications today (e.g., in pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and medical industries).

Recent developments in instrument design have meant that differential mass can be measured down to a few nanograms! Such developments have helped customers worldwide define tighter processes, research the use of new materials and develop innovative products.

Accurate gas flow control helps achieve performance gains

In order to achieve this quantum leap in thermal analysis performance, a number of critical parameters have to be tightly controlled - e.g., furnace atmosphere composition, sample vapor pressure, heating rate and radiation effects. Accurate gas flow control is critical toward achieving this tight control, and, as a result, a homogenous sample temperature profile.

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