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RainWise WindLOG is Key in Patagonia Research - Case Study


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Gaspar Soria is a researcher for the Patagonian National Centre (CENPAT), a multidisciplinary scientific research center for the National Scientific and Technical Research Council of Argentina.  Along with fellow researchers, Pedro Fiorda and Oscar Frumento, Gaspar is conducting field research in the marine protected area of Peninsula Valdes, Northern Patagonia, Argentina. Península Valdés has been assigned by UNESCO World Heritage Centre as a site of global significance for the conservation of marine mammals and is an important breeding ground for the endangered southern right whale as well assouthern elephant seals and southern sea lions.

Installation sites:

“Our particular goal,” Gaspar said, “is to measure wind speed and direction at three locations within the San Jose Gulf. For this we deployed 3 RainWise WindLOG stations. We are doing this with the aim of understanding sea surface marine currents and it’s effects on dispersal of marine shellfish larvae. We are doing research on oceanographic biology to see if the recurrence of recruitment of commercial shellfish stocks is correlated in someway with wind patterns.

“The RainWise WindLOG has been an indispensible part of this research.  We are particularly impressed with how easy it is to install and use.  In this environment we need durable equipment and the WindLog has met that task, and when we have needed service or support, RainWise has always been fast and courteous in assisting us.”

Southern Right Whales swin near the coast

Installing the WindLOG

This field study is funded in part through the generosity of the following grants:

  • “Conectividad Biológica en Bivalvos Marinos en los Golfos Norpatagónicos”. Agencia Nacional de Promoción Científica y Tecnológica, PICT 2012-1313 granted to Soria, Gaspar.
  • “Setting up non-traditional monitoring protocols for shellfish resources. Application to an artisanal diving fishery in northern Patagonia”. Conservation, Research and Education Opportunities International (CREOI) 2012. granted to Fiorda, Pedro.
  • “Estudio de las características del clima en el Área Natural Protegida Península Valdés en el contexto del cambio climático global”. Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia SJB. granted to Frumento. Oscar.

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