Refrigerant gas management (case study)


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Executive Summary

Refrigerant leaks are one the highest maintenance expenses for organizations using or maintaining gas. In addition to compliance, management of refrigerant is important from a cost perspective. A typical 100-store supermarket chain operates with 400,000 lbs. of refrigerant within their refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Assuming an average cost of $6 per pound, this equates to a $2.4 million asset. An average annual leak rate of 25% (many chains are higher) results in $720,000 of refrigerant being replaced each year. Reducing the leak rate by only 5% saves $240,000 per year.

Company Profile

Our example grocery and dry goods retailer currently maintains over 1,000 locations in over 40 states and is challenged to track 20,000+ refrigerant containing systems. Each year they add at least 10 new locations and re-fit 50 or more existing sites with updated systems for a new look.

This retailer is also an industry leader in addressing environmental sustainability challenges through a variety of programs, such as its new comprehensive recycling and carbon offset conservation initiatives. Their commitment to environmental sustainability is especially clear throughout its operations in the United States, where it must comply with tough regulations that govern everything from large refrigeration systems to small drinking fountains.

Business Benefits

The Refrigerant & Fugitive Emissions Manager product is a robust data management program. It's scalable and easy to maintain. The simplicity of the user interface creates a system that works for everybody; the users, the I.T. department, and managers.

The example retailer headquarters' team needed to assure environmental compliance at 1,000 stores and distribution centers across the United States they operate. The technicians in each region are responsible for entering usage data for their sites into Verisae each time refrigerant is added via simple online drop down web forms. Since Verisae is web-based the entry can be performed on a common store PC, a technician’s laptop or even a web enable cell phone like a Blackberry.

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