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Right Choice for Upholstery Maintenance In High-Traffic Zones


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Maintaining expensive upholstery in high traffic areas, such as hotels, restaurants, casinos, hospitals and offices, is not an easy job. Upholstered furniture in places like restaurants and hotels is subject to dropped food deposits and beverage spills, and can develop unpleasant stains and odors. Using powerful cleaning chemicals to eliminate stains may result in damage to the color or upholstery. Sometimes, even the best chemicals fail to completely eliminate tough stains from upholstered surfaces. For this reason, cleaning professionals around the world turn to upholstery steam cleaners to manage such cleaning tasks.

The Benefits of Low Flow Rates

The upholstery used in commercial areas must always be impeccably maintained to uphold the professional image of the business. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the surfaces do not get extremely wet during the cleaning process. Low flow rates of upholstery steam cleaners ensure minimum use of water during the cleaning process, so that upholstered surfaces do not get extremely wet. The low water usage and subsequently lower wetting of surfaces help the upholstery dry completely in a short period.

Low flow rates also make the upholstery steam cleaners ideal for cleaning a wide range of surfaces, such as floors, furniture, windows, mirrors, kitchen instruments, toilets, bathroom fittings, mattresses, pet bedding, trash cans, and more. Low flow rates coupled with superior extraction functions ensure almost dry surfaces after the cleaning sessions.

Plus Points of High Temperatures

Upholstery steam cleaners available from leading suppliers come with extremely high temperatures that ensure superior results in maintaining upholstery at its best. The hot steam effectively penetrates the upholstery to dissolve all kinds of dirt deposits, oil particles, and stains. In fact, steam dissolves the toughest deposits quickly and efficiently, thereby saving users the effort of painstakingly scrubbing away the deposits.

The powerful cleaning action of steam generated by upholstery hard surface cleaners also eliminates the need to use cleaning products that may expose cleaning experts to harsh chemicals. By completely removing unwanted deposits, the hot steam ejected by the best steam cleaners also helps eliminate foul odors caused by food, beverage, urine, pet discharge, and other hydrocarbon deposits.

Super-hot steam generated by vapor steam cleaners also offers cleaning professionals the easiest method to ensure disinfected upholstery. This is a great benefit when it comes to upholstered furniture in settings, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and day care centers. To ensure the best sanitization results, it would be a great idea to utilize steam cleaners empowered with advanced anti-bacterial functions. The latest upholstery hard surface cleaners with anti-bacterial capabilities eliminate up to 99.99 percent of bacteria, germs, allergens, and pathogens from upholstered surfaces.

The best steam cleaners are most importantly notable for its rugged build and quality components which contribute to longer life and reliable performance even under the most challenging conditions. To ensure durability, vapor steam cleaners come with heavy-duty, chip-resistant housing. High-quality boilers and heating components in steam vacuum cleaners promise quick heating and consistently high temperatures even across extended periods of use.

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