Safe Drain® Contains Jet Fuel Spill


Courtesy of Safe Drain Stormwater Holdings, Inc

'During a routine fueling operation, our facility experienced a fuel spill, which allowed approx 50 gallons of jet fuel to enter into a storm drain. The extremely unpleasant fallout from this event included facing Airport and regulatory officials and yes fines! This event resulted in our decision to install Safe Drains spill protection devices in each of the 20 storm drains on our ramp areas. These Safe Drain devices provide our facility with secondary containment throughout our entire facility. When it comes to spill containment, I now feel that I have sufficient protection against potential environmental nightmares.

Our facility operates several mobile fuel trucks and since we’ve installed Safe Drains, we now comply with the rigid EPA secondary containment issues for mobile refuelers. Whether our fuel trucks are parked or fueling aircraft, I know our facility is protected from spills. Safe Drains provide the necessary level of protection at a reasonable cost.'

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