Safe Drain® Saves My Facility From Accidental Spill


Courtesy of Safe Drain Stormwater Holdings, Inc

'I am writing to thank-you for a great product. This morning we had a 25 gallon diesel spill near our Vehicle Service Area. The spill was a fluke - from the tank of a truck that was parked on a gradient - left without a gas cap. Diesel poured out of the truck onto the asphalt - directly into a newly installed Spill Safe Drain that was closed tightly. All of the spilled product was recovered, nothing went into the storm drain and we were all very happy campers.

I notified the City of San Jose regarding the incident and was informed I would not need to do anything but write a confirming letter that nothing entered the storm drain and that the spill had been cleaned up promptly.

Thanks to your product I did not have to notify Fish and Game, the Regional Board, the San Jose/Santa Clara Water Pollution Control Plant, or anyone else of the incident. I did not have to initiate a full scale Emergency Response effort to trace the diesel to Coyote Creek, block my storm drains, have them vacuumed out - or anything else. In other words, I saved time, energy, lots of money, and lots of grief. I can't praise the product enough.'

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