Selecting EH&S Software for the Long Term


Courtesy of A V Systems, Inc.

A note from A V Systems:

There are currently thousands of software programs on today’s market that can handle some or all aspects of Environmental, Health and Safety issues.


Choosing which one is best suited for your particular needs can be both difficult and time consuming. A V Systems would like to help you through that process by giving you some important tips on what to consider when choosing an EH&S system.


Why would A V Systems want to give you information that could lead to another software package? The answer is easy – we believe that dollar for dollar, MIRS™ offers a better value than any other EH&S software package on the market today!




This brief paper offers practical advice for the selection of a software package to organize and manage your organization’s environmental, health and safety data and compliance reporting. To help first-time software buyers avoid mistakes and ensure a sound software decision over the long term, it is important to approach the new software purchase methodically. Even an organization making a replacement software purchase can benefit from a well-planned review process.


In-house System vs. Commercial Software


For many companies, the first decision in the software buying process is whether to purchase an existing package or to develop software in-house. Developing an in-house system is an alternative that initially can sound attractive. After all, the software can be customized to your operations and no capital outlay takes place.


A custom system effort has been estimated to easily cost the company five to ten times the purchase price of an equivalent off-the-shelf system. The end product’s quality depends on the facility’s experience with both complex environmental regulations and software development. Significant resources are required to continually research, track and incorporate the ever-changing compliance reporting requirements. Many choose to abandon an in-house effort after encountering one or more insurmountable obstacles.

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