Sentry Mechanical VRU Engine Drive Model 4.3L - Case Study #170602


Courtesy of AEREON


Location: Utica
Model: SentrySeriesMeVRU4.3L
Compressor: FloodedrotaryScrew
FlowRateHP: 150MSCFDPower: 70HP
InletPressure: 2-10Oz
DischargePressure: 175PSIG
Driver: CertifiedflexfuelNGengine

In this application Aereon’s Sentry VRU is used as part of the producers standard facility design. During the early production stage of a well, producing volumes are their highest, but often decline rapidly in the months that follow. The modular design of the Sentry VRU allows the customer to install multiple packages in parallel to handle the initial higher rates; in this case 3 VRU packages were installed. As production declined the customer was able to remove packages one at a time to optimize total available horsepower. Because this Sentry VRU is engine driven, relocating the equipment requires minimal construction for installation.

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