Side by Side Comparison of the Aerotrap Total Fungal SamplerTM


...with Grease Slides, the Aerotrap Total Fungal SamplerTM with Glyceryl Triacetate Cleared Mixed Cellulose Ester Membrane Filter Slides and the Zefon Bio-PumpR using the Zefon Air-O-CellR.


To examine the collection efficiency of three different types of adhesive collection media
used in non-viable spore trap sampling.


Non-viable spore trap samples are among the most common types of environmental samples taken for the purpose of assessing the concentration of fungal spores in the air. Many of the common samplers are based on the same principal. A known volume of air is pulled through a small opening and the particulates in the air stream impact on a surface coated with an adhesive medium. The shape of the opening dictates the shape of the impaction area, known as the trace. The samplers used in this survey lay down a trace in a straight line. The Zefon Bio-PumpR was one of the samplers used in this survey. The Zefon Air-O-CellR is used in conjunction with the Zefon Bio-PumpR and uses an acrylic based adhesive medium inside a cassette that fits onto the sampler. The media within the cassette is never exposed to the environment before sampling. Other samplers have taken a different approach. The Aerotrap Total Fungal SamplerTM, which will be referred to hereafter as the Aerotrap has the adhesive media applied directly to a standard
microscope slide which is then placed inside the sampler. The adhesive media typically used in conjunction with this type of sampler are grease of some sort or mixed cellulose ester filters (MCE) cleared with a solvent which chemically alters the filter making it both adhesive and transparent. This survey compared the Zefon Bio-PumpR sampler using Zefon Air-O-CellsR, the Aerotrap using grease as a collection media and the Aerotrap using glyceryl triacetate cleared mixed cellulose ester membrane filters (MCE) as a collection media. In this comparison survey, samples were run side by side at the same location for the same period of time. Samples were then analyzed and the data collected to determine if there are any differences in collection efficiency between the samplers and the adhesive media used.


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