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There should be zero tolerance within the workplace for poor risk management, the result of which is unnecessary fatalities, ill health, accidents and ultimately high costs. Financial personnel have long recognised that poor financial management can lead to critical business problems, and as a result international standards are commonplace for recording, managing and reporting of financial data. Senior management generally has information about financial aspects of the business at their fingertips. Yet to access equally important information such as the safety risk facing the company can often be a lengthy process - going through many managers - and the information may not always be accurate due to the underlying risk management process. The time it takes a manager to prepare a report and send it to senior management can render the information out of date. This filtering system exists because the types of risk assessments that are being conducted at grass roots level within the company are unnecessarily complex. The reports generated from this are often meaningless to senior management who cannot relate them to the overall day to day running of the company, reducing the chance that there will be a return from any safety, quality or environmental (SQE)
investments in the future. This is a perilous situation as the risks associated with SQE management today are so great that they can result in jail sentences and enormous fines for company directors and management, perhaps leading to the closure of the company.

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