Sogarisa - Galicia, Spain


Courtesy of Veolia Water Technologies North America

SOGARISA is a leading company in the management and treatment of hazardous, industrial wastewater and industrial waste disposal in Spain.

Sogarisa also operates a facility for the treatment and disposal of industrial waste from their industrial landfill located in Galicia in northeastern Spain.

Project & Application Description
The storage of solid waste in controlled facilities implies a step forward in the protection of the environment. However, it has given rise to a related problem due to the generation of a highly-polluted landfills.

One such result is landfill leachate, which is a highly-contaminated waste stream resulting from the ingress of water into solid waste storage. This waste stream is characterized by a high content of ammonia, COD (chemical oxygen demand), heavy metals and salinity (chlorides, sulfates, etc.). These elements make it difficult to treat using conventional methods and technologies due to the highly-corrosive properties of the effluent stream, the variability of the feed stream and its tendency to foul equipment.

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