Streamline weight controller mounting


Courtesy of Hardy Process Solutions

When using the HI 4050-PM weight controller from Hardy Instruments, an Encompass Product Partner in the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork, you have the option to mount the electronics housing to the rear of its keyboard display or remotely up to 100 feet away.

Standard mounting involves attaching the weight controller electronics directly to the rear of its keyboard/display and installing it through a rectangular cutout in the front panel (door) of your enclosure. If preferred, the keyboard/ display can be mounted directly to the front of your panel with a few standard holes drilled and punched through the panel to allow simplified mounting and wiring access.

The electronics housing is then mounted on the protruding threaded rods directly to the rear of the panel. This configuration requires up to eight wires connecting the load cells that must be dressed separately from the power, network and I/O wiring. Network wiring to your Allen-Bradley® Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) from Rockwell Automation can be via EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet or Allen-Bradley Remote I/O.

Additional wires would be used for a serial printer port or external scoreboard display, CAT cable for a Web browser to access the 4050’s internal Web server over EtherNet TCP/IP, or 4-20 mA analog signal wires to a chart recorder or other analog device. This adds up to a lot of wires that must be neatly dressed with a service loop for opening and closing the door.

Alternatively, you can mount the HI 4050 electronics remotely to a DIN rail with your cabinet’s supplied mounting clips. All that’s required is a six-conductor cable routed from the electronics module to the keyboard display on the cabinet’s front. This saves time and material. All the other wiring is easily accomplished on the electronics module on the cabinet’s back panel.

Since the keypad/display is mounted to the front of the cabinet door with nothing behind it to obstruct the door from opening, it can be mounted flush to the door opening, leaving room in the center of the panel for other components, which may protrude through the panel

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