Summit leveraged UL The Wercs to reach its goal of obtaining ISO 21469 certification - Case study


Courtesy of UL - The WERCS

Summit Industrial Products, a wholly owned subsidiary of Klüber Lubrication, is a leading manufacturer of specialty lubricants and lubricant technology. Summit manufactures more than 5,000 products in its three North American facilities, creating and maintaining over 25,000 labels to fulfill health and safety requirements. Maintaining proper labeling for its products is paramount for Summit. To reflect this commitment, the company set out to become the first in North America to attain ISO 21469 certification.

Achieving ISO 21469 went beyond standard process because it entailed certifying both the facility and the product. Because of this, numerous additional requirements needed to be met. Benchmarks in the manufacturing process for each lubricant product included:

  • Ensuring product traceability to authorized facility
  • Ensuring proper use of logos
  • Displaying product shelf life and expiration date
  • Displaying size of product container
  • Suitability of product for use in food process
  • Stating product limitations and restrictions

These specifications added considerable time and effort to Summit’s reporting and labeling responsibilities. Due to the high volume of products, Summit needed to be sure that its system was able to maximize efficiency with automation and traceability for all labels.


After exploring several options, Summit chose UL The Wercs’ robust LabelWERCS module because of its powerful ability to meet and exceed their unique specifications with minimal manual effort. As a current UL The Wercs customers, Summit was confident that LabelWERCS was the right tool.


UL The Wercs provided Summit with LabelWERCS, a solution for creating product hazard and safety labels. Since LabelWERCS implementation, Summit has successfully achieved its goal of ISO 21469 certification. Maintaining more than a thousand unique label formats representing approximately 500 customers, Summit has undergone more than 30 audits with at least 18 containing specific elements regarding labeling. As a result of LabelWERCS, Summit has never received a non-conformance.


Specifically, UL The Wercs fulfilled Summit’s requirements to have:

  • The facility specified in label format
  • A configurable label format
  • 3rd party audit mark traceability
  • A lot number function for label interface validation
  • Transfers from ERP to label interface
  • Label details
  • WERCS Process Controls
  • The ability to prevent Lot Number error

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