Tesco asset management (case study)


Courtesy of Verisae

Executive Summary

Tesco has seen numerous benefits of the Verisae platform over the past three years. The metrics listed are only a small portion of all products and services Tesco leverages across the full Verisae platform and across all Tesco plc international business operations.

  • Reduction in duplicate service calls & manual processing ($300,000 annual savings)
  • Identified inaccuracies in the asset data quality resulting in tax savings & correct depreciation
  • Automated work orders and accurate providers time & attendance (saved 15 mins per w/o @ $15 for each 15 mins saved equals $750,000 in annual savings)
  • Cost savings from rejected work orders over the past 3 years of Verisae application use (reduction of 75K invoices @ $7 per invoice to process equals $525,000 in annual savings)

Company Profile

Tesco PLC is an international grocery and general retailer of consumer goods. It is the 3rd largest retailer in the world with operations in 14 countries and more than 3,700 locations. They operate hyper marts, grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations and have more than 400,000 employees worldwide.

Business Benefits

Tesco has also seen the ability to leverage the application across wide geographic and language disparities from the United Kingdom to Thailand. That has resulted in a faster and more accurate reporting of outstanding work, outstanding and not yet invoiced work and other metrics. Verisae’s survey teams identified many inaccuracies in the data quality of the assets on hand and the subsequent correction of those asset registries. This has resulted in significant savings in tax depreciation as well as a reduction in associated maintenance costs.

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