The Colorado Intergovernmental Risk Sharing Agency - Case Study


Courtesy of FirstNet Learning, Inc.

The Colorado Intergovernmental Risk Sharing Agency was formed in 1982 in response to an insurance crisis faced by many municipalities—one that left them without adequate, affordable insurance coverage. By pooling resources, the original 18 municipalities gained quality property and liability coverage at reasonable costs, as well as levels of service that far exceeded any they’d experienced previously. Thirty years later CIRSA continues to ensure that its now 230 members can obtain affordable coverage, receive great service, and continually improve their operations to minimize risks and exposures.

CIRSA was an early leader among risk pools in delivering training to members in order to minimize risks and exposures. However, covering the 8th largest state in the USA (104,100 square miles) is a challenge, often Complicated by Colorado’s weather and terrain. In 2001 CIRSA recognized that using the internet to provide online training was a solution worth providing to its members and member employees.

Needs Assessment
CIRSA identified key issues that needed to be addressed:

  • Determine what training was needed to add to their impressive library of health & safety training
  • Determine what existing ILT training could be delivered via online learning
  • Expand the reach of their one full-time trainer and expand the training offered
  • Overall, help CIRSA increase the reduction of risks and claims by increasing knowledge and skills

The Solution
Today, members of CIRSA and their employees easily register for and complete online training through out the state. Each municipality has its own assigned administrators who can view the progress of their training online via several different reports, 24/7. FirstNet’s Knowledge@Work Training Center is highly secure and does not allow municipalities to view each others’ training reports. CIRSA can oversee their entire online training program by doing such things as asking the question “Show all municipalities taking the Electrical Safety course.” The training center can easily provide the answer without the need for programming skills.

The Results
When CIRSA and FirstNet first partnered to deliver online training in 2001, CIRSA membership totaled 140 municipalities. As CIRSA has grown, so has FirstNet Learning. We continue to work together, from numerous updates to their training center to development of customized online training courses. Early on, many health & safety courses were tailored for CIRSA with personalized content and photos, thereby creating a successful and cost-effective approach to custom course development. With CIRSA, we also created a fully-customized course, “New Employee Safety Orientation”, designed specifically for the municipal employee.

CIRSA has also added our Classroom Management Module, allowing them to fully plan, organize, and execute ILT training throughout the state. This module simplifies the ability to create learner curriculums by allowing administrators, managers, and instructors to create course profile templates, merging online, ILT, and one-off event training based upon job profiles, departmental objectives, or regions. Trainers can schedule classes, With this tool, CIRSA can be assured that all training records are tracked and verified in one easy to manage system.

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