The MoldRange Report

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Courtesy of EMLab P&K

What is MoldRANGE?
MoldRANGE is a compilation of data from thousands of outside air samples analyzed by EMLab P&K. It enables a person to get a sense of the fungi that are typically present in the outside air both by time of year and region of the country. All data has been compiled from analysts who have college degrees in biology or a related field, have gone through intensive training, have passed statistical quality assurance programs, and pass ongoing statistical quality control tests.

Can MoldRANGE replace my outside control sample?
MoldRANGE is intended to be another useful piece of the puzzle; but, unfortunately, it cannot replace your normal outside control sample(s). Even if enough data were available to provide the typical ranges for a 10 square mile region centered at your project site, the outside fungal flora varies enough so that it is important to know what is immediately outside the building being investigated. The fungi around a building centered in a large parking lot may be very different than the fungi around a building with a lot of landscaping. Weather patterns can greatly affect the fungal flora.

Why is MoldRANGE useful?
MoldRANGE can be useful in many situations. For example, it can be helpful in the following scenarios.

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