The Newton, IA Landfill: A Smooth Operation


Courtesy of Waste Advantage Magazine

The Newton, IA landfill sta rted out as an old strip mine in 1945. When it first was created, trash was dumped at the site and whenever it was needed, the garbage was set on fire and pushed into the old strip mine. As the rules have changed throughout the years, the dump was transitioned into a sanitary landfill in the late 1960s. However, at that time the trash would still pile up and would not get covered according to today’s standards. Finally, as the regulations changed, the way of processing the waste was changed as well. Now, serving all of Jasper County, the landfill operation employs full-time staff of five and hires part-time people to help with the litter control, mowing, weeding and other maintenance as needed.

The landfill deals with not only solid waste, but also some recyclables—plastics, glass and metals—and they act as a drop-off point for recycling motor oil, antifreeze, car batteries, tires, etc. as well. Because many of the major communities they serve have gone to curbside recycling, most of the recycling items that they get are hygiene products and leftover household products from rural residences. In addition, the landfill takes yard waste, burning the brush and composting the rest to use onsite.

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