The Next-Generation Water Filter for the Oil and Gas Industry

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Many segments of the oil and gas production industry need improvements in water filtration over traditional methods. This is true because of the trend toward oil and gas production in tighter, less permeable reservoirs and the greater use of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques, many of which involve injecting water into the oil reservoir. To protect the integrity of such reservoirs, the amount of solids introduced into the reservoir through water injection, even solid particles down to 1 um in size, must be minimized. Conventional filtration methods generally do not meet this requirement. An enhanced filtration technology known as Spectrum Plus Filtration, which incorporates the use of granular micro media, has been proven in other industrial applications and has been introduced and successfully proven in the treatment of produced water. This technology holds the promise of meeting the new requirements while being economical and robust.

New oil production practices often involve more water treating and more water injected into wells and reservoirs that are tighter and more costly to develop. This means that there is a greater concern about injecting excessive amounts of solids into these wells and reservoirs. The consequences of this can be:

  • Reservoir plugging, which can cause production declines or inadvertent fractures.
  • Greater frequency of well and reservoir plugging requiring workovers, acid treatments, and new wells with the associated production loss.
  • Reduction in production or in the total recoverable potential of the reservoir.
  • Souring of wells through introduction of sulfur-reducing bacteria from water injection.

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