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The Portable FID for Stack Emissions: lightweight, compact, ergonomic, safe

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POLLUTION S.r.l. manufactures POLARIS FID analyser, a cutting-edge technology for the measurement of total hydrocarbons in ambient air and stack emission monitoring in accordance with EN 13526 and EN 12619. This analyser is based on Flame Ionization Detection (FID), a reference method technique to measure total hydrocarbons (THC, VOC, TOC). Polaris FID is a very handy instrument because it allows to perform continuous analysis for many hours. External gas cylinders are not necessary because Polaris FID incorporates all that is needed for analysis in less than 14 Kg. It is very safe because of its bulletproof hydrogen storage cartridge (metal hydrides technology based), and it can be transported everywhere by car and plane. The instrument is also designed to be resistant to high temperature and high humidity samples. The detector’s group, the sampling lines and all the valves are integrated into a single block and uniformly heated, so that all possible cold spots can be eliminated and the local sample condensation avoided. Polaris FID is suitable for a wide range of applications: incinerators, coating applications, paint spray booths, exhaust emission from engines, gas turbines, etc.

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