The Scavenger: getting more out of shredder fractions

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Courtesy of AD REM N.V. (Valtech Group)

Driven by the goal of enabling complete separation of shredder light fraction into streams with their own singular characteristics, work at Belgium-based recycling technology specialist AD REM has culminated in the launch of its latest piece of equipment - the Scavenger. This new development is also designed to process shredder heavy fraction eddy current drops.

The initial objective when shredding vehicles and electronic devices is to obtain clean iron. However, an output of light fractions typically contains a significant amount of ‘misplaced items’, notes AD REM - a joint venture between non-ferrous and ferrous recycling leader Group Galloo and the Valtech Group, which comprises several engineering and construction players. ‘This unwanted content contains high-value components which should be recovered for environmental and economic reasons,’ the company states. The Belgian technology specialist elaborates: ‘Our new separation installation was especially designed to divide light fractions into three different types, namely a fines fraction, a fuel fraction and a heavy fraction.’ The second of these - refuse-derived fuel - is a flammable light fraction obtained via extensive sieving and wind-sifting. Owing to its high calorific value, it can be used to fuel waste-to-energy plants or cement kilns.

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