The Wyoming Association Of Risk Management (WARM) - Case Study


Courtesy of FirstNet Learning, Inc.

The Wyoming Association Of Risk Management (Warm) is a self-funded risk retention pool created in 1986 by several cities and counties when private insurance markets were no longer available to local governments. The Pool originally formed out of the need to cover liability exposures and has since expanded to provide property coverage. Today these programs offer Wyoming public entities excellent service at reasonable rates. WARM also strives to provide additional services and resources to its members whenever possible. Training is one of those valuable services. Covering a large territory such as Wyoming with limited staff resources is costly and a challenge on numerous levels.

Needs Assessment
WARM identified key issues that needed to be addressed:

  • Expand the reach of their training program and expand the training options offered
  • Specifically address/increase Law Enforcement training—WARM’s highest loss category
  • Provide online courses for official certification in areas such as Water/Wastewater
  • Provide verifiable training records for both online & classroom learning to the municipality and risk pool
  • Provide policies to members/member employees in a manner that is verifiable & trackable
  • Provide a value-added service with no additional charge to clients
  • Overall, reduce risks and claims by increasing knowledge and skills

The Solution
FirstNet’s mission was to create an affordable training solution that would provide all of WARM’s members and member employees, no matter their job function within their municipal organization, with online access to a true blended learning system. Via this system, WARM may:

  • Deliver consistent online training courses in a wide array of topics, most importantly high liability areas
  • Manage classroom (ILT) learning delivered at any location, from initial scheduling through course completion
  • Post, assign, deliver, track, and verify policies that are crucial to reduction in claims
  • Via ‘PUSH Training’ to officers, deliver, track, and verify Lexipol Law Enforcement Daily Training Bulletins

All training and policy records are maintained in a centralized database accessible to both the municipalities as well as the WARM staff. The initial system delivered online courses and classroom management; law enforcement training and policy management were added at later dates as WARM recognized training needs that matched FNL products. Thirty core online courses are delivered at no cost to WARM members/employees. Elective courses in categories such as Business, Human Capital, Computer Skills, Quality Management, and more are available to WARM members/employees for nominal cost.

The Results
In June 2011 WARM began offering our online training center to pool members as a way to enhance the classroom training program already offered. Their goal was to provide members with one more tool for their training toolbox, especially in high liability areas for the pool, such as driving, employment law, and law enforcement operations. Over the last two years the user registration and course usage growth has been phenomenal. Over 30 courses are available to every learner, including 24 courses that are approved for Water/Wastewater Certification credit.

WARM also manages their classroom offerings through this system, allowing better management of the time, travel and expense of their classroom program. WARM also recently started working with police and sheriff departments to use the Policy Management Module as a vehicle to keep officers up-to-date on department policies. By utilizing all the components of this learning management system, it has allowed WARM to provide a tangible benefit to their members that over the long run they believe will have a positive impact on claims.

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