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Typical Matters Appear in the Flotation Process


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Ore flotation equipment is suitable for sorting non-ferrous metal black, and applied for non-metal, such as coal, fluorite, talc. The ore flotation equipment is driven by an electric motor triangle driving the impeller rotating, resulting centrifugal effect and forming negative pressure, on the one hand inhalation of sufficient air and slurry mixture, while stirring the slurry with drugs, at same time refined foam, foam adhesive on top of mineral float to the surface and then form slurry bubble mineralization. Ram height adjustment, control surface, useful froth is scraped by the scraper.

Ore flotation equipment has been widely applied in large and medium mines. Practice shows this ore flotation equipment has reasonable structure, smooth operation, reliable working, and advanced flotation performance, which is especially suitable for separation of nonferrous, ferrous and nonmetallic minerals.

Mining ore flotation equipment is mainly used in mining machinery industry for processing ore, mainly is ore flotation process, and in ore flotation process, the ore flotation equipment has big capacity, good efficiency, high efficiency, stable and reliable, but sometimes pulp may appear spillover phenomenon in its work. Let's analysis the situation that pulp overflow:

First, analysis detailed the reason that pulp overflow in the flotation process:

Perhaps the ore flotation equipment's mass fraction is small, classifier overflow quantity increase, there may be ore flotation equipment inner accident, pulp flow block; excessive foaming, the return amount (middling) increase, which can occur pulp overflow, then how to deal with?

In the flotation process, the processing methods for pulp overflow:

1.Reduce the water.

2. Adjust the grinding and classification operations.

3. Reduce drug or drug withdrawal, repair the ore flotation equipment or clean the pipe.

4. Adjust the gate, reduce the amount of meddling.

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