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Understanding Air Purification and Activated Carbon Filters


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Many industries and residential owners look for better air purification to ensure a cleaner environment. This gives respite from strong odours or gases in the environment. Many types of industries use air purifiers and they get the best utilisation from these devices to get the most out of the purification process. This helps to keep the air clean and breathable.

Understanding Air Purification and Activated Carbon Filters
Industrial Filters for A Variety Of Industries

Filtration is critical in the industrial purification process. It is used in the industries like the food and beverage industry, water purification, chemical industry, mining among others. In the air purification industry, industrial air is pumped through the filtration products. These filters trap and remove the contaminants as the air passes through them. There are many varieties of filters like sand filters, screen filters and cartridge filters etc. Filter Concept is a manufacturer of filtration equipment and cartridge filters and they offer a variety of filtration equipment for any type of industrial applications.

Uses Of Activated Carbon Air Filters

Activated carbon filters are a great medium to remove all types of volatile organic compounds from the environment. They also help to remove other odours, fumes and gaseous pollutants from the environment. Air filters accomplish this by filtering particle pollution from the air.  Carbon air filters are the best medium to trap gas molecules. The filters are used to remove gases using a bed of activated carbon. They also help to remove volatile organic compounds that get released from the household products. They remove the odours from the air but are unable to remove mould and other substances. This is the best way to keep the air free from impurities. Carbon can purify air remarkably.

How Is Carbon Activated

Carbon, when activated through some processing, gets special properties. It helps to trap gas molecules. The process includes injecting hot air or carbon dioxide in carbon that creates tiny pores in carbon and increased the surface area of the filter. Thus the molecules get trapped and the filter medium becomes more effective. This makes the carbon more effective at filtering out the contaminants.

How Carbon Filtration Has Evolved

Carbon was earlier used to remove the impurities from smelted metal for manufacturing bronze. People used to store their drinking water in containers smeared with charcoal to keep water fresh for longer durations. Gas masks also used charcoal to filter the gases in wars earlier. The production of activated carbon increased later which led to the creation of the modern activated carbon filters. Carbon air filters help to remove the pollutants from the air through adsorption. The difference between absorption and adsorption is that in adsorption pollutants stick on outside of carbon. While in absorption, the pollutants get absorbed inside the carbon structure. Filter Concept has provided with the best variety of activated carbon filters.

How Does Carbon Work As A Filter

Carbon filters are created by connecting the carbon particles. The process of activation of carbon particles important and the increase in the surface area gives greater chances for the gases to stick. Any molecule of the gaseous substance goes through carbon and sticks to the surface of bed or adsorption site. When the process of adsorption is used to allow the carbon air filter for cleaning the organic chemicals from the air, they help to make the environment and the air cleaner. But the activated carbon bed gets filled by the gaseous pollutants which block the adsorption site. Once the carbon bed is saturated, the filter does not trap the pollutants. The gaseous pollutants can get a greater affinity to stick to the adsorption site. Depending on the temperature and humidity of the region. This is highly dependent on the ambient conditions of the environment. As these conditions change, the filter releases different chemicals. This results in creating huge odour from the carbon filter. The odour is an indicator that you should change your carbon filter.

Benefits Of Activated Carbon

Below are some areas where activated carbon air filters help:

  • To clean volatile Organic Compounds – Carbonated filters are extremely effective in filtering out the VOCs from polluted air. The gaseous substances which can’t be touched or removed by other filters can be removed using carbonated filters. Air carbon filters also remove the gases from the cigarette smoke and the gases or fumes drying paint. It also removes fumed from the cleaning products. Benzene, xylene and chlorinated compounds can be also removed from the air through carbon filters.
  • To remove odours from the air – The mechanical purifiers only filter out particles but can’t remove the unpleasant odours. The people who often use carbon filters can remove the smells from the air and cannot remove all types of odours
Drawbacks Of Activated Air Carbon Filters
  • Replacement of filters – There is a hassle in placing the carbon filters again and again as it is expensive and can become inconvenient. The carbon filter is hard to understand in terms of whether they need replacement or not. There is no way to understand where the filter bed is fully saturated. There is a lot of confusion regarding the recommendation for replacement
  • Do not remove the fine particulates – The carbon filters remove the organic compounds but do not remove fine particulates. The particles that are included in the air like allergens, dust, pollen and smoke can’t be removed with such filters.
The Future Of Carbon Air Filter

The best way to utilise carbon filters is to remove the short term odours from the air during occurrences like wildfire. Even in the case of the volatile organic compound, such type of filters help in keeping the household or building safe. Such carbon filters can’t, however, be used in the long term and they cant be a great investment as they do not remove long term odours. Also from the perspective of the cost involved, these are expensive. These filters require a large amount of carbon and constant monitoring to ensure that they last longer. Their replacement needs to be constantly monitored and the saturation also should be checked. They also do not remove particulates which makes it ineffective against air pollutants. So you might need another type of air filter for all your issues. To take note of everything, you need to invest in a robust system. Filter Concept offers wise solutions to invest in as per your issues. The hybrid air purifiers offered by them provide the best solution for complete air cleaning and purification

Get Premium Quality Air Filters with Filter Concept

Filter Concept is one of the largest manufacturers of carbon Filters, Cartridge Filters, bag Filters and Filter Housings. They are the pioneers in manufacturing industrial and air filters. They design a filtration system as per their clients’ requirements. Filter Concept has a customer-driven approach which ensures all their products are as per industry standards. They are the best air filter manufacturer in the industry.

Filter Concept Provides:
  • A large variety of products
  • Quality tested products for Industry compliance
  • Cater to quick delivery requirements
  • Provide the best customer and technical support
  • Great after-sales service

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