Ventilation/filtration system is main heat source

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Courtesy of Plymovent Group BV

The challenge

K.S. Smede og Montage, a smith’s working-place, was about to
expand their business and move to new premises. As they were
expanding, K.S. Smede og Montage took this opportunity to
purchase a new ventilation/filtration system to extract welding
fumes and grinding dust more effective.

One of the main requirements was that the primary heat source
in the workshop must become this new ventilation/filtration
system. The second requirement was flexibility. Therefore, K.S.
Smede og Montage choose the most effective solution: at source
extraction. Seven extraction arms were spread throughout the
workshop connected to a ductwork system. K.S. Smede og
Montage insisted on several other - very acceptable - requirements;
the extraction arms needed to be easy to operate and should
have a good quality-to-cost ratio. K.S. Smede og Montage installed
the system their selves with instructions of the supplier.

The solution

The choice was crystal clear: a MultiDust® Bank filtration system,
combined with extraction arms, type FlexMax. The system
contains: 7 KUA extraction arms, extended with FlexMax
extension cranes. FlexMax is the perfect extractor for welding
high objects. For example objects (at height) either close to or
far from the mounting point of the arm. This extraction arm can
be positioned in one simple movement, anywhere within a
radius of approx. 9 m width up to 8 m high.

The cleaned indoor air is being redirected into the workshop,
functioning as a primary heat source. Often, valuable, extracted
air is channeled outside. Heat recovery was the ultimate goal of
K.S. Smede og.

The extraction system is controlled on demand via three
frequency converters and a joint PLC board, saving energy.

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