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What Do Wet Dust Collectors Do?


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Wet dust collectors are ideal for many operations, which include scrubbing, washing, and obscuring the pollutant out of the air and collecting it as a wet slush. Wet dust collectors come in various shapes and sizes, which mean you will always have a wide range to browse through, before you treat your business to this necessary, luxury device. These are ideal systems for many industries and workplaces and are mainly used in areas that produce dust and other hazardous particles.

What Happens

Polluted air enters the collector and trails a descending path to violently strike the water surface. Continuously, the fan suction draws a huge volume of air and water up into the cone and affects a disc baffle plate, which then sprays off and against the wall of the cone. After this, a horizontal water curtain is formed across the air passage amid the cone and the baffle plate. The water then strikes the walls of the cone and flows against the slanted surface with an instability that scrubs the rising air stream.

Final Stage

In addition, as the drain-back water falls into the tank, another heavy curtain is produced; this is where the air must pass through. Therefore, the air is both washed and scrubbed in these five unique stages before it is drained through the finish blower and released. After this, the air is finally pure and clean by the quick changes impingement and direction alongside the moisture filter plates. As a consequence, air that is both clean and free of water droplets is passed through the blower and water is uninterruptedly activated by the suction of only the air blower.


No water pumps or nozzles need to be cleaned, and nothing needs to be repaired or replaced in wet dust collectors. The water consumption is insignificant and consists of only normal evaporation. This is also automatically replenished and the collected slush is easy to remove. From the sloping tank side, you can access through the large access doors in order to simply and effectively remove all the collected slush.

The units may also be prepared with automatic slush elimination conveyors and are easily available in downdraft bench formations.

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