What is tare value?


Courtesy of Hardy Process Solutions

In your weighing system, the tare value is the numerical difference between gross weight and net weight. This article illustrates how tare values are used. The examples are described using modules from Hardy Instruments, a participating EncompassTM Product Partner in the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork.

When the tare function is activated on the HI 1746WS, HI 1756WS, HI 1769WS, HI 1771WS, HI 200DNWM, HI 2110WI, HI 2151/30WC, HI 3010, HI 3030 and HI 4050, the current gross weight is placed in the Tare Value register. You also can input this data from the front keypad or across communications. Th e process of doing a tare or updating the Tare Register varies slightly from model to model. Consult the model type user manual for procedures.

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