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Why Commercial Carpet Cleaning Equipment is better than a Low-End Domestic Machine?


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Every carpet cleaning business requires access to special machines for cleaning carpets in commercial areas as well as homes. When you are purchasing a carpet cleaning equipment, you usually look for value for money deals. You generally look for a carpet cleaning equipment that does not cost too much and yet offers a range of features that help you clean carpets faster and more efficiently.

In addition to cost, you also have to keep in mind the productivity of the machine, otherwise, you might end up purchasing a low-end, cheap machine that escalates costs in the long term, owing to its inefficiency and fragility. Machines that are used in homes are not always appropriate for commercial applications.

On the other hand, commercial carpet cleaners are so suited to cleaning carpets in areas such as office complexes, retail, restaurants, hotels, and homes, that homeowners now prefer these machines over regular vacuum cleaners. 

If you are running a carpet cleaning business, then you should always go for technologically superior machines. High-tech machines not only make the work easier, but also improve the productivity of the cleaning staffs, hence increasing the profits of your carpet cleaning business.

Low Flow Rate

Contractors often have to keep an eye on the water consumption levels when they are cleaning carpets. In order to help you achieve greater cleanliness using lesser water, many dealers offer low flow carpet cleaning machines designed especially for a carpet cleaning business. These machines also help carpets dry faster. Fast drying of carpets eliminates the possibility of mold and odor, and also reduces the possibility of damage to wood floors.

Quick Cleaning

Some carpet cleaning machines are equipped with special features that reduce the time required to clean carpets. These portable carpet cleaner machines come with features, such as automated filling and dumping of water. In addition to this, they heat water fast, requiring just five minutes to turn cold water into hot water. They have long hoses, up to hundred feet, enabling contractors to carry out carpet cleaning operations over a larger area without moving the machine.

Not all types of carpets require hot water for cleaning. If you handle very dirty carpets, it would be suitable to invest in a heated professional carpet cleaner. A non-heated, portable carpet cleaner is widely used by contractors owing to its lower cost, but a heated carpet cleaner is always recommended by experts. Rug steamers from the best brands can achieve temperatures as high as 210°F.

The carpet cleaners that enable the contractor to clean carpets easily and quickly are, of course, the best one. You should always consider your requirements before you start shopping for carpet cleaning machines. Whether you are purchasing high temperature rug steamers or a non-heated, professional carpet cleaner, you should always consider the pros and cons of each machine before you decide on the best carpet cleaners for your business.

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