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Why Hard Surface Steam Cleaners With Motorized Spinners Are Ideal For Cleaning Hard Floors?


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When you need to eliminate heavy layers of grime, hard surface steam cleaners are the most convenient tools to achieve cleanliness. Think of dirty basements, grimy yards, stained bathroom tiles, and you would begin to see why these machines are high in demand at commercial locations.

However, there are a lot of differences between different types hard surface steam cleaners, depending on the brand. Both carpet cleaning systems and steam cleaners can be used for the purpose. However, when you purchase a machine for cleaning floors and other hard surfaces, you first have to ensure that the spinner head is motorized.

A motorized spinner offers more powerful cleaning than non-motorized spinner heads. Non-motorized spinners depend on water pressure for rotation, which is not a very efficient way to get the spinner moving. Motorized spinners utilize more pressure and are, therefore, better at cleaning hard surfaces.

In addition to motorization, the size of the spinner is also an important consideration in hard surface steam cleaners. The latest machines from reputed brands use 19' spinning head for cleaning large areas, while a nine inch spinner is used for removing grime from smaller surfaces.

If you are wondering whether you need hard surface steam cleaners or portable steam cleaners that use dry vapor, consider the kind of surface you will be cleaning. For cleaning commercial kitchens, bathrooms, and similar spaces which are not heavy with grime, portable steam cleaners that use dry vapor are sufficient.

How to buy the right hard surface cleaning machine?
Water consumption is another factor that determines your choice in hard surface cleaners. Certain brands use less water, and are, therefore, the better choice, particularly, for commercial purposes.

Ideally, this type of machine should be able to extract dirty water in order to prevent slush and reduce cleanup costs. This machine will also reduce water inefficiency. If you plan to work in crowded or residential areas, a machine with reduced noise levels is the best choice.

These floor cleaners are also ideal wall steam cleaning machines. Wall steam cleaning machines clean tiles, granite, brick, marble, and many other types of walled surfaces.

If you are wondering about the best steam cleaners to fulfill your requirement, the general rule of thumb is to invest in a dry vapor machine for lighter commercial applications, where you do not have to clean heavy layers of grease, soap scum, or soot.

Applications of Commercial Steam Cleaners
Commercial steam cleaners that use dry vapor are powerful machines, featuring pressure levels as high as 105 psi. These machines have high temperature levels as well, going up to 356°F in some machines. The best steam cleaners are equipped with a range of detailing tools, which enable the contractor to clean different types of surfaces including tile, ceramic, glass, sealed hardwood, metal, and so on.

Portable steam cleaners find many applications in industries as diverse as hospitality, car detailing, healthcare, and retail. Many homeowners invest in portable steam cleaners designed for commercial use, as these machines have greater efficiency and power than machines meant for domestic use.

The best steam cleaners for any application contain high-quality, durable parts, and appropriate warranties. The boiler should have a lifetime warranty and the heating element should be replaceable. A high quality machine lasts longer and offers enhanced cleaning. 

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