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World Filtration Congress Environment Symposium Focuses on Technologies That Combat Air and Water Pollution


Co-chaired by Prof. Chao Tan and Dr. Shagufta Patel, the Environment Symposium at the 13th World Filtration Congress will focus on the role of filtration and separation to remove the ever-increasing volume of contaminants in earth’s air and water.

Air Pollution

Today, we live in a polluted world filled with particulates and harmful gases in the air due to the results of human activities, including emissions from vehicles, power plants, buildings, and industrial activities. Air pollution contaminates outdoor air, such as the notorious smog that occurs more frequently and in more cities around the world, and indoor air quality, which can include 80% of the outdoor pollutants plus its own sources of indoor pollutants. This adversely affects all people, especially those with existing respiratory problems.

Separation and filtration technologies (e.g. characterization, filtration, centrifugation, electrostatic precipitation, scrubbing) that treat polluted air by removing particulates (PM10, PM2.5, etc.) are of great interest in our industry and will represent a significant portion of the Environment Symposium. Absorption, adsorption, and advanced oxidation, catalytic conversion, as well as other novel technologies to remove or breakdown VOC, NOx, SOx and other harmful gases, both outdoor and indoor, are of interest.

Water Pollution

Clean water is critical for all life. This Symposium will include presentations on technologies and experiences for securing drinking water (e.g. desalination using membranes), developing proven and energy-efficient technologies for water reuse, including grey water treatment, wastewater treatment with zero discharge, developing anti-fouling technologies for membrane systems, and various novel technologies in water purification.

In addition to technologies, we are also interested in effective legislature and standards in combating air and water pollution in jurisdictions around the world.

Authors who deliver a presentation can also submit their original, unpublished manuscript to Elsevier’s Separation and Purification Journal (Impact Factor: 3.927, 5-year Impact Factor: 4.202) for consideration of the special issue, WFC13.

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