American Petroleum Institute (API)

API STD 677 For Petroleum Refining Standards


This standard covers the minimum requirements for general-purpose, enclosed single and multistage gear units incorporating parallel shaft helical and right angle spiral bevel gears for the petroleum, chemical, and gas industries. Gears manufactured according to this standard shall be limited to the following pitchline velocities. Helical gears shall not exceed 60 m/s (12,000 ft/ min), and spiral bevels shall not exceed 40 m/s (8,000 ft/min). Spiral bevel gearsets shall be considered matched sets.

Note 1: This standard is not intended to apply to gears in special-purpose service, which are covered in API Std 613; to gears integral with other equipment; to epicyclic gear assemblies; or gears with non-involute tooth forms.

Note 2: This standard requires the purchaser to specify certain details and features. A bullet (•) at the beginning of a paragraph indicates that either a decision by, or further information from, the purchaser is required. Further information should be shown on the data sheets or stated in the quotation request and purchase order.

General-purpose gears are applied in equipment trains that are usually spared, or are in noncritical service.

Typical applications for which this standard is intended are cooling tower water pump systems, forced and induced draft fan systems, and other general-purpose equipment trains.

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