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Materials Engineering and Environmental Science


This book consists of one hundred and nine selected papers presented at the 2015 International Conference on Materials Engineering and Environmental Science (MEES2015), which was successfully held in Wuhan, China during September 25–27, 2015. All papers selected for this proceedings were subjected to a rigorous peer-review process by at least two independent peers. The papers were selected based on innovation, organization, and quality of presentation.

Authors / Editors:

The MEES2015 covered a wide spectrum of research topics, ranging from fundamental studies, technical innovations, to industrial applications in Chemical Material and Chemical Processing Technology, Composite Materials, Alloy Materials and Metal Materials, Characteristics of Materials, Building Material and Construction Technology, Ecology and Environment, Technology for Environmental Protection, Economy and Environment, Mechanical and Control Engineering, and Manufacturing Technology.

The MEES2015 brought together more than one hundred researchers from China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia, and provided them with a forum to share, exchange and discuss new scientific development and future directions of Materials Engineering and Environmental Science.

Sample Chapter(s)
Electrochemical behavior of nanodiamond electrode deposited on porous activated carbon pellet (435 KB)


  • Chemical Materials and Chemical Processing Technology
  • Composite Materials
  • Alloy Materials and Metal Materials
  • Characteristics of Materials
  • Building Materials and Construction Technology
  • Ecology and Environment
  • Technology for Environmental Protection
  • Economy and Environment
  • Mechanical and Control Engineering
  • Manufacturing Technology

Readership: Researchers, professionals, and graduate students interested in materials engineering and environmental science.

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