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Modelling of Pollutants in Complex Environmental Systems, Volume II

Following on from Volume I, this second volume presents an extended look at environmental modelling research and its applications from an even larger selection of global experts. The book presents timely topics and applications of the study of environmental contaminants, with detailed discussions of mathematical concepts used. Five sections cover decision support and assessment modelling; aquatic modelling and uncertainty; soil, sediment and subsurface modelling and pollutant transport; forest ecosystem and footprint modelling; and air quality modelling and sensitivity analysis.
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Jan. 2010

With a section containing figures in full colour, this volume showcases models that predict and simulate the dynamics of environmental systems and are routinely used in environmental decision-making and management.

Volumes I and II are essential reading for academics, policymakers, regulatory agencies, technicians, health professionals, engineers, and advanced undergraduate and graduate students involved in all aspects of environmental modelling.


Part I Decision Support and Assessment Modelling
Chapter 1 Environmental Fate and Bioaccumulation Modelling at the US Environmental Protection Agency: Applications to Inform Decision-Making
Elsie M. Sunderland, Christopher D. Knightes, Katherine von Stackelberg and Neil A. Stiber

Chapter 2 Contaminated Land Decision Support: A Review of Concepts, Methods and Systems
Aisha Bello-Dambatta and Akbar Javadi

Chapter 3 An Overview of Exposure Assessment Models Used by the US Environmental Protection Agency
Pamela R.D. Williams, Bryan J. Hubbell, Eric Weber, Cathy Fehrenbacher, David Hardy and Valerie Zartarian

Part II Aquatic Modelling and Uncertainty
Chapter 4 Modelling Chemical Speciation: Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Uncertainty
Jeanne M. VanBriesen, Mitchell Small, Chris Weber and Jessica Wilson

Chapter 5 Multivariate Statistical Modelling of Water- and Soil-Related Environmental Compartments
Aleksander Astel

Chapter 6 Modelling the Fate of Persistent Organic Pollutants in Aquatic Systems
Tuomo M. Saloranta, Ian J. Allan and Kristoffer Næs

Chapter 7 A Bayesian-Based Inverse Method (BBIM) for Parameter and Load Estimation in River Water Quality Modelling under Uncertainty
Yong Liu

Part III Soil, Sediment and Subsurface Modelling and Pollutant Transport
Chapter 8 Colloidal-Facilitated Contaminant Transport in Unsaturated Porous Media
Arash Massoudieh and Timothy R. Ginn

Chapter 9 Regional Modelling of Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus Geospatial Patterns
Sabine Grunwald, Gustavo M. Vasques, Nick B. Comerford, Gregory L. Bruland and Christine M. Bliss

Chapter 10 Modelling of Solute Transport in Soils Considering the Effect of Biodegradation and Microbial Growth
M.M. Nezhad and Akbar A. Javadi

Part IV Forest Ecosystem and Footprint Modelling
Chapter 11 Flux and Concentration Footprint Modelling
T. Vesala, N. Kljun, Ü. Rannik, J. Rinne, A. Sogachev, T. Markkanen, K. Sabelfeld, Th. Foken and M.Y. Leclerc

Chapter 12 Past and Future Effects of Atmospheric Deposition on the Forest Ecosystem at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest: Simulations with the Dynamic Model ForSAFE
Salim Belyazid, Scott Bailey and Harald Sverdrup

Part V Air Quality Modelling and Sensitivity Analysis
Chapter 13 The Origins of 210Pb in the Atmosphere and its Deposition on and Transport through Catchment Lake Systems
Peter G. Appleby and Gayane Piliposyan

Chapter 14 Statistical Modelling and Analysis of PM2.5 Control Levels
Sun-Kyoung Park and Seoung Bum Kim

Chapter 15 Integration of Models and Observations: A Modern Paradigm for Air Quality Simulations
Adrian Sandu, Tianfeng Chai and Gregory R. Carmichael

Chapter 16 Airshed Modelling in Complex Terrain
Peyman Zawar-Reza, Andrew Sturman and Basit Khan


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