Nondestructive Testing


Provides the latest standards on nondestructive testing (NDT) of engineering materials, structures, and assemblies to detect flaws and characterize the properties of materials.

NDT methods cover:

Reference Radiological Images—reference radiograph standards, which when accompanied by ASTM's standard radiograph plates, are used to illustrate the type and degree of discontinuities that may be found in castings and welds. Others detail the procedures required for proper radiographic examination.

Radiology (Neutron, X, and Gamma) —test methods and practices cover topics such as calibration and measurement of CT density, radioscopic examination of weldments, and quality control of industrial radiographic film processing.

Digital Imaging—practices and guides cover digital imaging and communication in nondestructive evaluation (DICONDE), including computerized transfer of digital radiological and ultrasonic examination data.

Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant Examination—test methods, practices, and reference photographs examine minimum requirements and various techniques.

Acoustic Emission—standard procedures for operating acoustic emission sensors and monitoring structures.

Ultrasonic—practices for performing ultrasonic examination of tubing, weldments, and other materials.

Electromagnetic—procedures for electromagnetic (eddy current) examination of ferrous and nonferrous metals, and in particular, various tubular products.

Leak Testing—practices and tests establish procedures for leak testing of open and sealed units.

Other standards in this volume cover infrared methods, nondestructive testing agencies, metals sorting, and identification.

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Oct. 2010

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