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Toxics Program Matrix Wall Chart

Designed to complement the state Toxics Program Commentaries, the Federal Toxics Program Commentary, The Complete Guide to Environmental Law, and The Complete Guide to Hazardous Materials Enforcement and Liability: California, these 22' x 34' wall charts outline federal and state environmental laws and regulations by topic and include information on implementation and funding agencies.

Some of the topics covered include:
· Air Quality Control
· Federal Toxic Cleanup Law
· Pollution Prevention
· Safe Drinking Water
· Waste Management
· Worker Safety
· Asbestos Regulation
· Regulation of Storage Tanks
· Industrial Waste Pretreatment (POTWs)
· Pesticide Regulation
· Medical Waste Regulation
· Water Quality Control
Wall charts are available for:
· Federal law
· California
· Michigan
· New Jersey
· New York
· Pennsylvania
· Ohio
· Texas

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Federal, Cal, NJ, OH, TX

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