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  • Management

  • Operator Education Course

    Operator Education Course

    This operator education course describes the importance of leadership in organizational change processes. Specifically, effective leadership provides direction, motivation, and support to employees while getting out of their way. This course will apply the Forward-Looking Utility Process to a hypothetical upgrade of a utility.

  • Wastewater Utility Industry Course

    Wastewater Utility Industry Course

    The water utility industry in the United States is a mixture of singular and jointly operated water and wastewater entities (some of which might include solid waste), publicly owned, privately owned, publicly owned - privately operated service delivery organizations of vastly varying sizes and organizational philosophies. This course is a companion course to United States Water and Wastewater Utility Industry - Federal, State, and Local Control.

  • Membrane Technology

  • Membrane Operations Course

    Membrane Operations Course

    Many small utilities are struggling with aging, obsolete, or nonexistent treatment facilities and require immediate action to become compliant with government regulations. Some utilities face multi-contaminant issues and lack funding and staff to implement complicated treatment processes. In situations like these, many utilities turn to membrane treatment because of the many benefits associated with the technology.

  • Safety

  • Accident Investigation Course

    Accident Investigation Course

    Treatment plant safety reflects literally thousands of hazards. Preparation for all hazards, regardless of their chance of occurring in one’s particular circumstances, is an almost impossible task. However, implementation of an accident investigation program can effectively focus a facility on safety issues. Accident investigation should include thorough investigation, reasoned analysis, and follow-up actions.

  • Basic Safety Fundamentals Course

    Basic Safety Fundamentals Course

    Basic Safety Fundamentals for the Water & Distribution System Operator. This Operator Education course describes the basic fundamentals, techniques, instruments, and skills needed to work safely around a water distribution system.

  • Confined Space Entry Course

    Confined Space Entry Course

    In the water industry, much of our work takes place in confined spaces. Industry personnel perform TV inspections, flow monitoring, and the many other tasks of our profession. Confined space entry (abbreviated, 'CSE') is hazardous. Confined spaces can kill. This course will provide safety instructions on confined spaces, as well as discuss the many hazards and dangers associated with them. The course will also discuss appropriate equipment, attire,...

  • Hazard Communication Training Course

    Hazard Communication Training Course

    This course is provided to give Water/Wastewater employees information on the Hazard Communication Program requirements in OSHA regulation 29CFR1910.1200. As with other OSHA regulations the hazard communication program is a requirement for workplaces with greater than ten employees. OSHA regulations may not apply directly to your water/wastewater facility but most states have adopted these regulations or developed very similar regulations that are at...

  • Lock Out Tag Out Program

    Lock Out Tag Out Program

    Developed in 1989, under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the “Control of Hazardous Energy” or lockout/tagout program was designed to prevent injuries from the sudden and unexpected release of stored energy. Lockout/tagout requires employers to establish a program…for affixing appropriate lockout devices or tagout devices to energy isolating devices, and to otherwise disable machines or equipment to prevent...

  • Water Analysis

  • Operator Education Course

    Operator Education Course

    This operator education course reviews the chemical chlorine to familiarize the operator with the disinfection portion of the water treatment plant and explain in a step by step method how to perform the Total Coliform analytical test, including quality assurance and control measures. Upon completion of this Contact Hour, the analyst should understand how to prepare needed solutions and media, how to count colonies, and how to correctly interpret the...

  • Water Distribution

  • Cross Connection Control Course

    Cross Connection Control Course

    This Cross Connection Control course describes the basic fundamental techniques, instruments, and skills needed for a water distribution operator to control and prevent contamination of potable water systems due to cross connections.

  • Water Treatment

  • Drinking Water Disinfection Education Course

    Drinking Water Disinfection Education Course

    This operator education course describes the purpose of drinking water disinfection and the desirable properties of a disinfectant. Pathogens and indicator organisms are defined and various disinfectants and their advantages and disadvantages are discussed. Finally, disinfectant residuals, byproducts, and regulations are covered.

  • Classroom Training

  • Basic Drinking Water Course

    Basic Drinking Water Course

    360water is pleased to offer a training program for operators taking the OHio EPA's Class A Water Supply Examination and licensed operators seeking contact hours. The training program includes:

  • Custom Training

  • Access Online Training

    Access Online Training

    OM360 creates customized web based courseware that is sophisticated yet easy to use for an array of equipment and processes. We build a secure and unique training website for you that is accessible only by your employees. Your managers can access online training records to create reports and track the training of your employees.