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  • Underground Utility Location

    Underground Utility Location

    Whether you are designing or constructing the need to know where existing buried services is critical to ensure that both safety and costs are controlled. At 40SEVEN we offer a range of utility location and mapping services to suit your needs and your project. The risk-reduction that non-intrusive utility location methods offer can give you peace of mind as well as show best practice.By using a combination of latest technologies and good surveying...

  • GPR Surveys

    GPR Surveys

    The use of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) has become standard in the majority of utility location and mapping surveys where there could be a presence of non-metallic services present. As much of the UK's ageing services infrastructure is undergoing replacement with new non-conductive pipes it is imperative that surveying techniques keep up with the demands as the location of these pipes is often more difficult. GPR can prove to be an effective tool for...

  • Topographical Surveys

    Topographical Surveys

    40Seven is dedicated towards providing comprehensive and accurate topographical surveys to a range of high profile clients. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver a high quality product and meeting clients delivery requirements without compromise.Topographical Surveys provide a detailed picture of an area of land. All features are shown to a level of detail and scale appropriate to the individual project. Surveys can be related to National (OS) Grid...

  • CCTV Surveys

    CCTV Surveys

    CCTV and Drainage form an integral part of our overall water services offering to clients. In the case of drainage problems within a client’s water and sewerage network, we will send out a rapid response team to investigate and resolve problems such as blockages caused by intrusive tree roots or collapsed pipelines.

  • Asset Surveying

    Asset Surveying

    40SEVEN deliver asset data collection services that rely heavily on manpower as well as technology. Asset location and condition reporting can include all forms of infrastructure, street furniture, utility meters, manhole covers etc – any asset whose location needs to be geographically-referenced and recorded digitally.Captured data can be used in a range of end-use applications including GIS, database generation, 3D modeling software or a range of...